Baby Needs Wheels

I'm stroller shopping, and coming up with lots of ideas, but nothing certain yet (it's ok, I've got 6 months). My dear friend Nikol suggested I ask all of you smart and savvy Moms for your stroller opinions and recommendations. So I'm asking and I need answers.

My list of wants is simple:
*wide wheels either on the front, back, or both, *fully reclining and a hood, *lightweight and folds reasonably small, *sturdy and able to handle the beach ... this will be abused, *a bassinet or pram feature (yes, it's weird ... but see below), *after having my store I know I don't care for Graco, Peg Perego, or Evenflo strollers

While I have a list of wants I'm flexible and really, more than anything, want a stroller I can depend on and use easily.

Because the older kids sail we're at beaches/parks/dirt roads and out in the sun for entire days. That's why I want the pram feature, to allow the babe to play a bit while still in a safe relatively clean area. I'm sure there are other solutions, but that's the first that comes to mind.

Most of my last strollers were combi's and I loved them (and their customer service), but I'm not sure about the wheels (though I did spend a few years with a combi side-by-side double and survived countless regattas).

So please, please, pleases give me your stroller tales - the good, the great, the bad, the ugly ... all will be taken seriously and researched to the full extent of my capabilities (I'll google).

The images above are the stroller of the day, the Bumbleride Queen B, but it's over $500 and I'm hoping to go spend a wee bit (tons) less than that.


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  1. Hi, My youngest is 14 so I haven't got any up to date info but I do know that you need to know that the pram stroller will fir into your car. I had an Emmalunga, a great pram with easy manouverability. Because we always had a large car I could easily fit it into our boot, although it did still take up a lot of space and made holiday packing difficult. However, I will never get over seeing another mother turn up at the shopping centre with her pram divided between two cars. She had the latest in prams but no commonsense! Cherrie

  2. The bumbleride is nice. A friend of mine had one. It is expensive, I agree about that too. Hmm, the bugaboo is nice, but at a hefty price. One other...mountain buggy strollers. They aren't cheap. See the trend? NICE strollers with not so nice prices.... I can't wait to hear what you get :)

    Ebay has good prices. Not sure if the warranties are valid then though...