I've decided to extend my sewing ADHD to my posting too ... there will be no neat segues between paragraphs here ... no, just random, unrelated topics 'cause that's how the brain is working these days.

I seem to have created an imaginary road block when it comes to selling my work in retail stores. I've bought from wholesalers for years at Ditto Kiddo but I'm not sure how to go about setting up my wholesale policies ... do I sell everything up front, offer it as consignment, a combination of both (consign the first pieces or a set amount, anything beyond that must be purchased)? Do you do any wholesale? Do you have order sheets/policy sheets? Some items are stock items ... I just replenish as they sell, but most are one of a kind ... how do you determine what sells where? Any thoughts/experience in this area would be wonderful. I'm sure if I got my butt out there and visited the stores that have already expressed an interest in Because I'm Me it'd all come together, and I'm sure it's a lot simpler than I'm making it. Sigh.

After spending part of the afternoon sorting the garage sale stuff the kids and I decided we might as well do it Friday and Saturday, what's another couple hours? So this morning it began ... bright and early. I can see the carpet in the dining room again, but only because we've got everything stuffed into the garage for tomorrow morning! I didn't advertise the sale this morning but there was still a decent turn-out from the signs we posted, I think tomorrow will be busier. Some things sold though ... not enough to reclaim my house but it's a start.

It's May. And that means I can buy fabric again. Which would be great if I'd made a dent in my stash ... but I really didn't. So, other than some muslin I need for a particular project, I'm extending the self-imposed fabric buying moratorium through May. One month didn't kill me, hopefully two months will be ok.

We are finally enjoying the chirps and tweets of birds in our neighborhood. This development is about 5 years old and we were one of the first houses finished. It took another two-three years or so to finish the rest of the community. With all the construction going on I think the birds were terrified. But finally they've settled in a bit and are nice and loud. We sat out at our garage sale this morning enjoying the beautiful music of our new neighbors ... and just marveling at the wonderful melodies.

K. decided to see just how well sewing scissors work and cut a 6" gash into a pillow. Today he'll be seeing just how well a needle and thread works when he fixes it. It's never dull with kids, is it?

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