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A.'s birthday dinner at Daddy's work was a huge success. A. filled up on bread and pretzels and didn't eat much real food though ... only regaining his appetite when the extremely yummy dessert came!

I had nothing to wear to dinner because nothing I own fits. Nothing I own fit before I got pregnant either so I really can't blame it on the babe-to-be. Sigh ... I found a not-maternity dress that should work well through summer so I was happy about that. What befuddled me though was the current styles ... everything looked like, and worked well for, maternity clothes. I didn't see a lot of things that flattered the figure. Oh well, I'm happy with my new dress (which I can't find a picture of online).

Speaking of clothes ... my oldest daughter (14 year old) needs new clothing. She needs shorts, tops, bathing suits, and jeans. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg but I do want high quality. I'm not interested in buying her "disposable" clothing that will last just 3-6 months, but I sure see a lot of that in the stores these days. Also, I'm looking for shorts that aren't too short, but that aren't made for Grandma (or me ... even worse!) So far we've been to Old Navy, Target, JCPenney, Kohl's, Ross, Marshall's, and a few consignment shops. Any ideas where to look or brands to look for?

And while I'm asking questions (see how easily these completely unrelated paragraphs are flowing together?) I've got a bunch of stuff left from Ditto Kiddo to list online, mostly new Melissa and Doug. I know I can do it on eBay, but are there any other options that might work as well? Just thought I'd ask before I get busy listing it.

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  1. Long shorts are no longer a problem! Bermuda shorts are very in style right now- I am ALL about them! I will probably cry when they go out of style!

    They style of tops that is in right now flatters me- big pooch, small rib cage, and large chest, so you're not going to hear me complain. Baby doll tops and tunic tops are my friends. The only problem is finding them with actualy sleeves.

    If you and your daughter are having a hard time deciding what to get and from where- do some internet shopping. If you want good brands, but not for the price, try Ebay- they sell tons of new designer brand super cute clothes for cheap. Plus, you can get a better picture of just what your daughter wants and what you can agree on her actually wearing.

  2. Oh, sorry to take over the comments here, but you could also try stores like Marshalls, TJMaxx, and Ross, that sell an assortment of designer clothes for cheap. My husband and I love Marshalls.

  3. Thanks Charli! I like the style too, for the same reasons as you ... except for the large chest, I'm jealous there.

    We have an awesome new Marshall's near us, super well organized and even boutique-like. I love it. C. tried on 14 things and we left with none ... she's picky and I'm picky ... not the easiest combination to please.

  4. Ohhh, I hate shorts shopping for those very reasons!