Oh Snap

05 002
Lots of little circles, soon to become caterpillar onesies.

05 005 05 008
A couple of bibs.

I tried new snaps for these bibs. I'd been using ho-hum snaps from Wal-Mart and JoAnn's ... I loved the way they looked but couldn't help but notice that they sometimes fell apart after a few openings and closings. This round I ordered from The Snap Source. Very nice snaps! I highly recommend both the snaps and the attaching tool ... which was a breeze to use. The prongs are long and really hold tight and the color choices are wonderful. I bought some of the open-prong and some of the capped-prong and I honestly like them both equally.

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2 Comment

  1. Thanks for the link - I already placed my order!! Honestly I have just not made anything that needed snaps since it always results in frustration/anxiety. So hopefully now, it will be a better experience.
    Thanks again for the link and tips!!

  2. cute bibs...they'll come in handy early next year :) I love the snaps from Snap Source!