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Two very different small quilt tops. Both meaure about 40" by 40-45".

chez moi quilt top

chez moi quilt top

The first is made from Chez Moi fabrics. I can't take any credit for this design, though I love it ... I found this post last night by All This By Hand and was sold immediately ... so much so that I have another, similar quilt top in the works right now.

folk art quilt top

folk quilt top

The second is more of a folk art looking quilt, based on the center floral fabric, which I've been holding onto wondering when I'd find a great use for it. This quilt scared me a little, that's a lot of color and pattern, but I've gotten used to it and now I really like it. I'm tempted to make it bigger, more of a twin sized quilt by adding a few more rows. Any thoughts?

I got the idea behind this one from the book Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. The most interesting part of making this top was seeing how much it changed with the addition of each fabric.

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  1. I'm totally in love with your blog! I'm Jodi with Simply This That and The Other;
    I'm having a Give Away. One of the rules; leave a link to a blog not on my list already. Abby sent me to you!
    Love the clean and simple look, the beautiful pictures! and the quilt on your header is awesome! You are being added to my fav's! Great first name by the way. LOL.

  2. I just wanted to say your quilts (and the blog) inspire me! Thanks for allowing others to read it (vs. being a private blog).

  3. I love squares and sashing. It is clean looking and with the fabric being kind of modern it gives it an artistic flair.