More Gift Sets

A few more gift sets to list on etsy sometime today. I haven't had any luck with the first round of sets yet, but I think I'll keep trying.

3 piece green butterfly set
Green linen-like cotton embroidered with butterflies. The set includes a blanket, bib, and burp cloth trimmed in pink ribbon.

3 piece blue floral set
Blue floral blanket with two burp cloths.

2 piece patchwork set
Green, blue, and red patchwork cotton blanket and burp cloth (I love this fabric and was more than thrilled to find it on the clearance rack at JoAnn's during one of their 1/2 price sales ... I felt like I was stealing it!)

new tagsThese are my new merchandise tags, to attach to all items for craft shows! The image is part of a quilt, the same image at the top of the Because I'm Me website, and on the cards is written:
Because I'm Me
Because You're You

The size, price, and other other information I decide to add go on the reverse side.

The tags are 1/2 of a business card. Through VistaPrint I had business cards printed with the same images on the top and bottom halves. I paid less than $10 total for 250 business cards, which when cut in half, will yield 500 tags. I figured out the other day how to do the same thing new tagswith their super clearance heavier weight business cards so I could have done it for about $5 less. It's not a *great* deal dollar wise (we used to pay about $13 for 1000 generic pre-printed tags, but these are more personal, and suit my needs well).

I've been cutting them with a paper cutter and after they're cut I'll poke a hole in the top and attach them with a tagging gun (also left over from Ditto Kiddo).

I'm thrilled with the results and will certainly reorder soon, and wanted to pass this idea along in case it would be of use to anyone else.

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3 Comment

  1. These are cute:) You're so creative:)

    Congrats on your new little one--what PERFECT timing;0


  2. Your tags are darling! Good economical way to make them too!

  3. your tags are so nice!
    I use them also...looks great and people have your name to remember!