i. opti practice on tuesday
I. at practice on Tuesday

I'm running out of ideas for posts for "A Post a Day in May" ... so .... is there anything you'd like to know, any questions I might have an answer to, any ideas of what to talk about for the next 10 days?

I think I may have picked the wrong month to participate in this, I just haven't been feeling great (good, but not great ... I really don't mind though ... it means I'm pregnant) and in the evenings after the kids go to bed and I have some time to sew I'm worn out and ready for bed myself. And I itch. Everywhere. I have what looks like a heat rash covering my arms, chest, and belly ... and my back is itchy without the rash. I stocked up on oatmeal stuff yesterday ... oatmeal bath, oatmeal lotion, and oatmeal body wash ... it can't hurt. The itching seemed to start when I got pregnant and I blamed it on hormones and dry skin, the rash is more recent and, I'm hoping, is just a reaction to one or some of the lotions and creams I've used to try to get the itching to stop. Sigh ...

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  1. talk about how you design your quilts.

  2. Oh dear I am SO sorry you have the itchiness! I suppose it is PUPPS? You might want to have your blood levels tested for liver problems (cholestasis)...that can also lead to itching. I hope it goes away soon; when I itch I feel like committing hari kari.

  3. I'm interested in hearing about baby names, are you going to find out if its a boy or a girl? Do you and your husband disagree on names. I made a deal with mine that he could name the girls if I could name the boys- with rights to say no. So of course we have all girls.

  4. How do you quilt your quilts? Stitch in the ditch? Random topstitching? or do you have a long arm machine?

  5. That's a beautiful picture...I'd love to hear more about where you live...do you sail?

  6. So, yes, we disagree constantly about baby names. You would think after so many kids that we would have a couple of names in reserve, but no....Jody won't even discuss names right now because she knows we will probably get in an argument...

    We won't find out boy or girl this time around. She really wants to be surprised this time, and it didn't work out very well last time (I'll let her tell that one).

    Jody doesn't know that we will have a Noah or an Apple in 7.5 months...

    Love her.

    --Husband o' Jody