The Garage Sale

is over and done with!

I came to realize, at about 8:05 this morning, that I don't like doing garage sales. It was 90 degrees out, not a cloud in the sky, and the love bugs were out like crazy.

Before 8:00 we had a few people come by ... apparently 7:40 is the new 8:00. They shopped a little, so that was well and good ... though I did point out to Jason that if you're going to seriously haggle over the price of everything it might behoove you to show up near the end of the garage sale, not the very beginning, but maybe that's just me.

And then between 8:00 and 9:00 we sold nothing. Nil. Nada. Zip. I was nervous because that first hour always seemed the busiest when I went to garage sales.

After 9:00 things did pick up. Whew.

And at 11:00 we broke everything down, vowing to consider having another garage sale ... in seven years or so.

Total sales were about $200 ... better than a poke in the eye, as my father says.

Do you see that cool new icon on my right-hand sidebar? The one near the top that says "A Post a Day in May"? Jenny, from the very creative wonderful blog Allsorts, came up with this idea ... and I think it may will must motivate me to work on my sewing to-do list. So there you go, my commitment to try and post every day in May. Care to join in?

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2 Comment

  1. You go girl! That is some seriously bad garage sale etiquette to show up early AND to haggle over everything. One or the other. We have always had people show up early (sometimes more than an hour early). But you have to pay the asking price at that time of day. That's the price (hee hee) of coming early. If you want to haggle, come after lunch!

  2. Your garage sale experience sounds exactly like my own! The early birds, the hagglers, even the bugs (although around here we get boxelder bugs, which sound very similar)...and the money! WE NEVER MAKE MORE THAN 200 DOLLARS, NO MATTER WHAT WE ARE SELLING!!

    I have vowed to never have another garage sale. It is simply not worth the hassle.