What is Bloglines?

Yes, I must know. I probably already should know, but I don't. I'm hoping for an easier way to read new posts on the blogs I keep up with and I'm wondering if that is what bloglines is for? If it's not then what is it? Is there any other service that will pull new posts from my favorite blogs for me? How do I go about doing this? And why oh why don't I have anything better to think about on a Friday night?

I'm also dying to know how I'd know if someone had put an item of mine in a treasury on etsy ... I see posts from other people saying they are in someone's treasury, but I have no idea how they know.

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Lovely random picture from last summer.

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  1. Hi Jody,

    I don't use Bloglines but another RSS reader from Google, called Google Reader. Being run and created by Google, it's easy to use and easily accessible. I highly recommend it!


  2. Jody, I use bloglines and love it. www.bloglines.com, register and then you just open one of your favourites and add it in, keep going until all your favourites are there. Then it highlights the blogs that have new posts so you don't have to check each one and they are all in one place. It also means you can check your favourite blogs fro many computer just by logging into bloglines. Especially good for checking at work LOL. Apparently there is also another one called delicious for actual websites so you could probably add blog to that as well

  3. im reading you from bloglines right now :)

  4. Bloglines and Google reader are both RSS readers.

    They are really efficient and wonderful way to track a ton of blogs and be notified of new entries. It is very easy to set up and allows you to check for new blog entries as easily as you check for new email. Inspiration all in one place!

    Here's a screenshot of my google reader page:

  5. Jody - I also use bloglines and I love it. And like Jen wrote - you're on my bloglines list right now! :)

  6. Bloglines is DA BOMB. I could never keep up with the blogs I like without it. You do just what Cass said, and then you don't have to flit all over the internet to find your favorites.

  7. P.S. about the Etsy treasury. You won't know unless someone tells you. I had to have been on a front-page one because the hits on my item jumped like 600 in one day, but I missed it. Apparently Etsy doesn't want the person making the treasury to e-mail you about it because it is spam. I wish the one who put me in had e-mailed!

  8. I'm a blogliner too. Hubby is a Google Reader. I'd use Google too but am too lazy to transfer my 100 plus feeds over!!

  9. Looks like you received some great advice...my two senses is that I use Google reader and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Good luck and let us know what you choose and how it goes!