The kids sailed in Sarasota this weekend. While they sailed A., K., and I explored.

on the boardwalk
We took a nature walk,

where we found lots of little crabs.

Then we walked out onto the pier to watch the kids sail, but it was really really windy so the sailing wasn't going so well.

sarasota bay, near Mote
Across the street we watched some men fish, oohed and aahed over the speedboats that passed by, and I soaked in as much of the beauty of the blue green water as I could. After that it was time for a little shopping

the boys doing some boat shopping
for boats. More just browsing, as these sailboats aren't for sale, but it sure was fun to dream, and dream BIG!

my new friend, the squirrel
The next morning I made a friend. No zoom lens here, if I'd wanted to I could have reached out and touched him ... I have a funny feeling he's been fed by humans once or twice! While I played with my friend

off to watch the races
Daddy came and went out on a boat with the boys and a family friend. And got to see the race of the year ...

I. won a race! 1st place out of 44 boats. Yippee! Yahoo! We are so excited and so proud of him. He finished in 7th place overall. M. and C. had good weekends as well, all of them battling strong shifty wind.

the end
And then everything was packed up and it was time to go home. The end.

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5 Comment

  1. Congrats to I!!!!! and what a relaxing sounding weekend for the entire family.

  2. Congrats on the race....way to go! We get our sailboat out of winter storage in two weeks. Can't wait. This post made me even more anxious! Love your blog....found it through flickr. I'll be back.

  3. I was hoping you were going to blog about this!
    Congrats I! & to all the family sailers for that matter!
    I'm beaming :)

  4. What a beautiful weekend!

  5. Look at the color of that water!! ***swooooon***

    Love the new little friend you made; how cute is he?

    Looks like it was a lovely weekend all 'round; congrats to the racers!