A., K., and I found some beautiful spring flowers to investigate.

So many bloggers have been posting the most wonderful pictures of flowers. And I've loved every image.
We have a number of trees in our yard but not many flowering plants. And it's all very planned. Such is the joy of living in a newer planned community. I'm not good with plants but even if I were I'd have to get permission from some committee to grow anything. We love our house, which makes it all worth it, but some of the rules and regulations are a pain in the rear!

In any case we found these lovely flowers, we sniffed them all, oohed and aahed, and discussed the colors and the sizes of the flowers and leaves.

And where, I'm sure you're dying to know, did we find these delights?

Yes, Wal-Mart ... with a stunning garden department. We really did have fun, and yes, we got quite a few funny looks as we were taking pictures of the flowers. Probably not as many as we got when the boys were crawling around on the floor looking for a young cat who was quite at home at Wal-Mart.

Below is a fine example of my sad gardening ability. This is a gardenia tree. I got it for Mother's Day ages ago and we brought it to this house when we built it 5 years ago. It's planted right next to the kitchen door so the gardenia scent would fill the house. It has never grown, it has issues that we've been unable to resolve (black leaves, a brittle texture, just general unhappiness) and it has no flowers, and thus no pretty scent. And that sums up my green thumb pretty darn well.

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