My first day of retirement!

We cleaned the house well this morning. The kind of clean where you take the Magic Eraser to the white woodwork. Of course that was this morning ... right now it looks like it did before we started cleaning (but with much whiter woodwork).

I took the kids to the pool and practiced my handsewing/childwatching skills ... very simple ... sew a stitch, count kids, stitch, count, stitch, count ...

M. and I took put the mannequin with the new dress to work this afternoon. We took pictures of some of the appliqued and embroidered onesies for a project I'm working on.


Then I listed some quilts on etsy. Some of these pretties have been hanging around for over a month patiently waiting to be given the opportunity to find a new home and some new love.

After serving CORN for dinner (I just heard that last night on someone's blog ... I can't recall who or I'd give them proper credit, but it means "clean out refrigerator night". Love it.) I trimmed the hedges with clippers. I wanted to go out and buy a new electric hedge trimmer but my dang "penny pinching get out of debt" family suggested that might not be a necessary use of $68. Where do they get this crap from? Just because I've put them on a tight budget doesn't mean I should be on one too, does it? Yeah, it does ... darn. So anyway, I trimmed the hedges and built up some muscle (I hope).

It's nighttime now. I need to reseach website info for Because I'm Me.

My point of this whole lame rambling post is that I have yet to eat a bon-bon or put my feet up on the couch.

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5 Comment

  1. sounds like retirement is treating you well!!
    AND REALLY, the electric trimmer is hardly worth the $68 if you have to add on the additional $ is will cost for the TWO extension cords that have been hacked by it. Oh say that doesn't happen to everyone...WHAT?!
    Also, I know a great web designer! He's even in my front room. Let me know if you need his help.

  2. CORN...what a great idea. That's what we'll have for dinner! Retirement is much more work than you bonbons...ohhhhh. I'm heading to etsy now...

  3. Your onesies are super cute!

  4. I haven't had time for bons bons yet either;)

    Lots of time for family time though:)

    How does selling on Etsy do for you? do you think you get decent sales?

    And ok, I guess I took that sunburn for you;)