It's off to work they go

Hi ho, hi ho ... it's off to work they go ...

at daddy's work

Today was "take your kids to work day" at Jason's work.

Rather than having the kids hang with Dad the event was organized to give the participating kids a chance to see how many departments worked. The kids were divided into small groups and visited 9 different departments - the kitchen and the pastry department, stewarding, in room dining, the restaurants, sales and catering, housekeeping/laundry, the spa, the new kids discovery and play area, and the front desk.

In the pastry department they decorated chocolate covered strawberries ... and got to eat them.

Housekeeping gave each of them a gift to keep ... K. got a shower cap, A. got mouthwash, etc., which sounds kind of odd but the kids were absolutely thrilled.

They learned how a huge machine presses sheets perfectly and how the dishwasher works. They now understand who does what at the hotel entrance, who the bellman, the concierge, the valet are and what they do.

The "best" part of the event was seeing where Daddy worked and learning how to set a table. They were so proud to be at Daddy's restaurant.

at daddy's work

The kids came out with gift bags stuffed with monster cookies (as big as your head, I tell ya), Norman Love chocolates, spa gifts, room keys, luggage tags, and oodles of other things.

From the time I picked them up until bedtime all they talked about was this event. They learned so much and loved the "behind the scenes" world of a hotel. And really, truly they loved seeing Daddy at work. Now when Daddy has to go to work they know where he is going and have a better grasp of his world at work, which I think is really important.

I think this is a memory that will stick with them for a very long time!

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