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front and shoulder of pillowcase dress for the other mannequinFinally, I've got a Because I'm Me website put together and up. It needs a lot of work ... but it's a start. Any comments and constructive criticism would be most appreciated (please be gentle).
I'm having issues getting the images to look ok, and I think there are too many images so that's at the top of the list. Second is re-wording some of the pages.

Malissa asked about etsy. I like it as an additional outlet for my products. I've sold quite a bit there but I wouldn't want it be be my only venue. The search features leave a little to be desired so I think you really have to do a lot of self-promotion to sell a lot, which is fine but important to know. Also, the etsy market for a lot of items, like handbags, is oversaturated so unless you're out there pillowcase dress for the other mannequinselling your product and directing shoppers to your etsy shop it's likely to be overlooked.

I've never tried to sell any Because I'm Me (<-- note link to my newfangled website, I feel so hip and cool) items on eBay but I've done other items on eBay, and costwise etsy is certainly preferable. I've heard other people say they prefer handcrafted items on etsy over eBay ... that they sell better on etsy. I've had occasional issues with buyers on eBay but never a problem on etsy, and I've gotten to know more than one person who has purchased from me there.

I sell at least one item per week on etsy, sometimes more. I sell more quilts on etsy than at craft shows, but more handbags at shows than I hem, rick rack of the mannequin dressever will on etsy.

I looked into creating a webstore but felt it'd be less expensive and better exposure to use etsy as my store instead. So that, in a nutshell is my experience with etsy. I've still got so much to learn about the site and the different tools available.

These pictures are of the pillowcase dress for the second mannequin. Now they are both happy, dressed young ladies.

I didn't make bloomers this time as she's taller and there wasn't enough fabric left over, but I think if I were to make these for a real child I'd make the bloomers. I love the added character they create, and the bloomers (or ploomers as C. used to call them) are adorable on little girls.

The underarm seams on this one are no better sewn than the first one, simply because the dress won't leave the sewing room so I wasn't being as careful as I could have been. She hasn't complained yet ... though that could be because she had no head.

updated to add: I changed the website around a bit and am much happier - new header, background image, added a few links here and there. I will change the picture on the front page and I realized I should add an "about" page ... about the products, where the name came from (originally I was only going to do baby items ... and it was supposed to sort of be from the baby's point of view ... Mom wondering how she can justify buying her little angel something special and baby responding - though still too young to actually respond - "because I'm me!" ... and Mom knowing that one or two more things for her little prince/princess won't cause any harm because spoiling them is fun, especially when the items are so special. So now you know!), etc.

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  1. Congratulations getting the website up and running. I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into something like that. I think it's looking really good. I like that there are lots of pictures.

  2. love this dress, it is so sweet! congrats on the website! i hope you are selling lots of stuff. i will be back to see more of your sewing projects!