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The butterfly quilt threw me for a loop. I hate when that happens. I did manage to get the butterfly resewn, with a different stitch on the machine and lots of stops to clean the needle. Then I had to square it up and now the damn butterfly is about 1/2" from the edge and looks goofy, because why, on a decent sized lap quilt, would the butterfly be so close to the edge. It wouldn't, I think it looks like someone was playing a game of "pin the butterfly on the quilt", blindfolded, and that's where the butterfly hit the quilt. Anyway, it'll get finished eventually, maybe. It really shook my confidence though and I haven't had much heart for sewing this week.

On top of that I've been fighting, and losing to, a cold. It's getting much much better now but there were a few days of no energy and lots of nose blowing.

The store closing is moving along. We're busy, which is great, but not as busy as I'd like to be. So many people have come in to say good-bye, people we haven't seen in years, people with children who outgrew us years ago. That part of it is wonderful. It has been great to catch up and exchange phone numbers.

Here's the frustrating part of the experience, so far: "So, you just couldn't make it huh?" or "Why couldn't you do enough business/make enough money to stay open?" or variations of that theme. What the hey? First of all, we've been in business for nine years ... I think we were making it. Second, I'm not comfortable discussing money and finances with everyone and anyone. Third, don't ask me that when you are either (a) spending less than $10 or (b) telling me you haven't been in in years.

I do get it, really. The economy stinks. Resale/consignment stores do tend to not "make it" for a variety of reasons. We are closing, and that doesn't happen without a reason. And, honestly, if I'd been making money hand over fist I wouldn't be closing, I'd find a way to make it work. Plus, it's a conversation starter ... and sometimes that's what people are trying to do, just start a topical conversation. But still!

Enough whining and complaining!

My answer to why we're closing has gone from a long description of the situation to "I'm retiring early", which I love the mental image of.

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  1. First, the quilt. The placement of the butterfly being so unusual is clearly a Design Choice. Don't argue with Artistic Vision.

    The store, it's nobody's dang business why you are closing.

  2. I'm so sorry the butterfly didn't happen the way you wanted it! But nonononooooooo you mustn't lose heart; you are so talented and wise, I'm sure you'll figure out how to make it work. And I'm betting a bundle it doesn't look as bad as you think. Colds make everything seem dismal. I'm glad you're on the mend.

  3. Thanks Kathi and Jenni (hey, both your names end in an i). Artisic vision, yeah that's what it is. I planned it this way. Ha ha.

  4. I wish I was there...