Me and Paper

I don't do paper crafts. For one reason, and one reason only. Money. I spend too much money on fabric. I can't afford to spend money on paper, supplies, stamps (there's a whole rubber stamp store near Ditto Kiddo and I'm sure I'd need it all), scrapbooking supplies (there's a whole scrapbooking store near Ditto Kiddo and I'm sure I'd need it all), and all that other really cool stuff that I'd just have to have to make a go at papercrafting.

Plus, I have awful handwriting. I suppose I could get around that, but that excuse is working for me right now.

09 013But I made these little table signs. All by myself. Ok, my sister and my dear friend Nikol answered questions for me along the way (and Nikol saved me from myself when it was time to do the banner) but other than that I did it. I may have mentioned these before, but that was before I was calling on Comcast digital voice.

First, I apologize for the blurriness of the pictures.

Second, here's what I did (in very non-technical terms). I thought the cards might be useful for name cards or some other time when an informative label09 0272 is in order.

Target had little notepads of cardstock pages, which all matched nicely, in their scrapbooking section by the greeting cards. The pages are decorated on both sides, which wasn't terribly important to me but helped create a more finished look. I folded each sheet of paper in half.

I printed the words I wanted on the computer on white cardstock, trimmed with a rotary cutter, and then embossed and scalloped the edges with a Fiskars corner punch, similar to these. I attached the white paper to the patterned paper with double sided tape.

I needed the signs to stay put outdoors on a windy day so I added a piece of ribbon to the bottom, from front to back, with a hot glue gun. I finished that with a decorative button, also glue gunned on. If I need to I can stick a little rock over the ribbon on the bottom, between the front and back, and the whole thing should stay in place. The ribbon also helps the cards stay upright on the display table.

I hope that's helpful to someone!

Oh, I must confess I make these too and love them. When I have to ship an order I can match the buttons to the quilt, or whatever item I'm shipping, and add a personal note if I choose to. I tend to just do those on regular white paper though ... which I know isn't ideal. My wrapping isn't all that snazzy, I like to think the note card offsets that a little.

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