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m with girly patchwork quilt

m running with girly patchwork quilt

girly patchwork quiltI just couldn't wait to use the blue fabric I got the other day at JoAnn's. I still can't believe it was in the clearance section. Yesterday I looked for more of it but it's all gone ... no big surprise ... I'd planned to buy all they had left. Actually I didn't find much of anything at JoAnn's yesterday except chenille at 1/2 price.

Off the quilt at hand subject, but I've decided to not buy any new fabric for April, maybe May too, but I'm not ready to make that huge of a commitment. It should suck but it's not like I don't have anything at home to work with, and I've got to use up some of the fabric I have before it takes over the entire house. Anyone want to join me or is anyone already doing this for April (I might need some support!). Hopefully I'll do much better than I've done with my weight loss commitment, which has stalled come to a dead stop and even gone the wrong direction a bit.

Back to the quilt at hand ... I heart this little quilt so much. I'm not sure of how well it'll sell, it's detail of girly patchwork quilt with chenille backnot modern in any way, but it's so sweet. And soft. And girly. The front is squares of minky-like bumpy material (Jason has conceded that minky might be an acceptable adjective), the blue paisley, embroidered white floral, green with embroidered butterflies, and a dark pink floral.

The binding is a prety pink and is trimmed with fuschia rick rack. The rick rack really added to the quilt and it was actually much easier than I thought it would be to get it on evenly.

girly patchwork quilt detailThe back is fuschia chenille. Apparently fuschia is not a popular chenille color ... all the chenille I came across was white or pale pastel. But that was what I envisioned the back being and I was pretty set on that idea for this quilt. So, after one of those "aha" moments, I dyed white chenille myself. What fun that was! I can't wait to do it again. What a simple, easy, inexpensive way to get the "right" color. I just used a dye from the fabric store, but I've heard of other things to use (Jell-o?!) that will offer much more flexibility with color.

Thank you so much for the kind words about my haircolor. corner of girly patchwork quilt with rick rackI'm not loving it yet or really even liking it, but I'm OK with it now. The color has settled a bit and looks less harsh to me, or maybe I'm just getting accustomed to it! I still look in the mirror and think it looks really fake, which is kind of backwards since the blonde wasn't anywhere near my natural hair color.

Here's a grocery deal worth looking into: At our Albertson's if you buy two boxes of cereal (either frosted flakes or rice krispies) you get a box of strawberry rice krispies free. You have to find at least one box of one of those three types of cereal with the peel off coupon. Currently rice krispies and frosted flakes are 2 boxes for $5 ... so basically you're getting 3 boxes for $5, which isn't bad at all. But then if you buy 3 boxes of these cereals you get a register coupon for $3 off your next purchase of anything ... you're now pretty much getting 3 boxes of cereal for $2 ... awesome deal. If you buy more than 7 or more boxes you get a register coupon for $10 ... so the best deal is to buy 9 boxes of cereal for $15 and receive a register coupon for $10 ... basically getting 9 boxes of cereal for $5. Is that clear as mud or what? I think I got all the details right. Hurry in and look for this, I'm not sure how much longer it lasts. I have at least 30 boxes of these cereals in the pantry and have been googling for rice krispie recipes that aren't desert!

The store closing is moving along. We're now open Wednesday-Saturday, which meant that Jason and I could both be home today. I'm sure no one else goes through this, but when we're in the midst of doing schoolwork and I get up from the table all schoolwork stops and all children scatter. It doesn't matter if I'm up for 1/2 a second ... they're gone or at least not doing schoolwork anymore. Not today! I even got to go to the bathroom without heck breaking loose because Jason could take my place at the table and keep the schoolwork going. Pure decadence.

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5 Comment

  1. I love the ric rack on the quilt. It is my favorite part of this beautiful piece. As cautious as I am...I think I should join you in the no fabric April. Good luck!

  2. I should join you in the no-fabric month but I really want to make curtains out of Anna Maria Horner's new fabric. I even sold stuff on Ebay to get a paypal balance.
    The quilt is beautiful! Every time I've ever made any type of chenille quilt it has sold really fast so I don't think selling it will be a problem.
    I laughed at the school comment - I can relate!

  3. You are a strong and brave woman to go for a month without buying fabric. I'm pretty sure that I would have to have a twelve step program and possibly hospitalization to acheive that goal. I probably have about two hundred yards of fabric in postage stamp sized house and I just keep buying more and more and more. It's a sickness. I say good luck to you. I will be coming back to check your progress!

  4. No fabric month! I'm standing right there next to you! LOL Love the idea of the rick rack in the binding, very effective.