Still no camera. Sigh ...

I don't have much crafting to report anyway. I'm working on a quilt, love the top, have no idea what to back it with, and even less of an idea of how to quilt it. No ideas whatsoever. I just stare at it and feel stumped. I keep thinking a little time away or a good night's sleep will be just what I need but it's not helping. If I had a camera I'd post a picture of it and beg for suggestions.

Today was a laid back school day, we were waiting for a package to arrive that we'd then have to deliver so I didn't want to get too involved in anything. A. and K. worked on their books and worksheets and the other kids had a writing assignment. First they were to fill a page with freewriting ... which is writing whatever you want, sentences aren't important, whole thoughts aren't important, it's just a way to get the creative juices flowing. Then another person picked a random number and they had to count down that number of lines on their pages and read that particular line. That line then had to be used in a story. The line had to be written word for word, but punctuation could be changed. I played along too and my line was "inquiring minds want to know sometimes carrots just", which became incorporated into a tale about carrot flavored jello. It was a fun project ... we all laughed at our freewriting and marveled at everyone's creativity with their short stories (I. was shot and killed by a maniacal pirate he was chasing, M. told a tale of two orphaned girls going to live with their grandfather, and I haven't seen C.'s paper yet.).

M. doesn't love to write (yet) so my plan is to do more creative writing, with the hope that she'll have so much fun she'll forget she doesn't like it. If we find any more successful projects I'll share them.

On a crafting AND home schooling note ... teachers receive a 15% discount on their purchases at JoAnn Fabrics. Home schooling parents are teachers. Here's the link. If I was the last person on the planet to learn this please don't tell me ... I'm happy in my oblivion.

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