I took this picture of K. yesterday.

There are times of the year (every day from June 1st 'til the end of hurricane season) when we are asked how we can stand the weather here. All I have to do is remember the February days when the kids can play outside barefoot and I know exactly how we stand it ... no ... how we embrace it.

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3 Comment

  1. Oh I should post a photo of our Feb day--this is exactly why we hate WI;)

    If I sent PJ out without his shoes, he'd disown me:)

    Wonderful photo--you are very blessed to have such lovely weather to enjoy.

  2. I have to say that after living in southern Fl. and now living in N.C. where the weather was 73 today and 40 last week and 50 this weekend. I'll take it! Yes, you may have to always keep your coats in the car because you never know what is going to happen, but when didn't I over pack? ;)