American Jane Quilts

American Jane Look & Learn charm squares were on sale at Hancock's of Paducah. Had to have. Many. And had to dig in right away, of course.

At first I tried patchwork with all the squares from one pack blended with some squares I already had but I didn't love it, it seemed too busy, and given my new penchant for white or plain space that just wasn't going to work right now. So I divided the squares into boy/girl and went from there, alternating with muslim. I did add in a few things I already had, especially in the girl quilt, and neither of the borders are from the Look & Learn line. And I'm pleased with the result, I think it's in keeping with the line itself ... simple, playful, classic.

boys american jane quilt, with A.

The quilts are quilted with zig-zag lines, in blue for the boy and in pink for the girl. The backs are unbleached muslin. I really tried to not do pink and blue, as that seemed is so predictable but they ended up being the colors that felt right, so that's that.

girls american jane quilt, with A.

The small quilts measure about 40" square.

boys and girls american jane crib quilts

After getting started I came across this image, and love it and have tucked it away for one of the remaining charm packs (when I said I bought many I meant it).

girls american jane crib quilt boys american jane quilt detail girls american jane crib quilt detail boys american jane crib quilt, with A.

girls american jane crib quilt, with A. boys american jane quilt detail boys american jane crib quilt boys american jane quilt detail, with A.

All the pictures in this post were taken by C., with A. as the model. (click on the images for larger views)

Now, I'm off to make backpacks, totes, and handbags. I think the handbags and totes will do well at the upcoming craft show at the high school. I'm thankful I have a teenager in the house ... she's in charge of picking the fabrics for the totes. C. just got an issue of Teen Vogue in the mail, and as I glanced through it it became overwhelmingly apparent that I'm old and out of touch because I didn't "get" most of the ads ... they were just weird to me. So she's in charge of fabrics. I'm leaning towards simple, multi-fabric totes that have words on them (live, laugh, play, dream, etc.) ... either embroidered or freezer-paper stenciled. Any thoughts.

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3 Comment

  1. Oh how you do produce! I am in awe of you. Those are just lovely!

    I'm afraid I'm using up my superlatives at a frightening rate over here....but I can't help it! Folks who can sew have my undying admiration!

  2. Thanks Jenni! It's a great outlet for me.

  3. I just popped onto your site and I am in love with all of your quilts. They are super fun and fresh, just what I need for inspiration.

    I love the zigzag stitching. I am definitely going to be doing that one soon. Thanks.