Happy New Year

No hopeful resolutions here, just a desire to enjoy and cherish each day, do the best I can for my family, and be the best person I can be.

dec31 019We (the kids and I) just returned from a whirlwind trip to Atlanta to visit with my family. My sister and her kids were there from Texas, my parents were visiting from Florida (they live about 1/2 hour away from us) and all of them were staying at my brother's house with him and his family. We, much to the relief of everyone, stayed at a hotel ... adding 6 people to an already stuffed house just didn't make sense, and it was nice to be able to give the kids some much-needed down time at the end of the day.

Our drive up there began Friday evening and we got home Monday evening, so it was a very quick visit. Drive time each way was about 10 hours, including bathroom breaks and stops for to-go food. Traffic was tame, thank goodness, and we got home long before the New Year's Eve partiers were on the road.

dec31 022
A wonderful time was had by all, visiting with siblings, playing with best-friend cousins, and meeting new extended family. Such a sweet way to end the holidays. And speaking of sweet, is my nephew not the sweetest, most adorable baby around (yeah, I'm a little biased, but he's such a happy little guy ... such a treat)?

The weather ... was not much like south Florida. Monday morning it was 34' when we left Atlanta and 78' when we got home. Our weather never looked so good. That said, it's pretty cool and rainy here today ... so not much of an improvement!

Happy, happy New Year to all!

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2 Comment

  1. A whirlwind of fun of the best kind...with family. Kudos to the kids for bearing with you on the long trip too!!

  2. What a nice time :)
    Happy New Year!