And Another Project

09 035 I finally dove into the fabric I bought at Hancock's of Paducah. I'm not sure what took so 09 043long ... the whole pile of it was sitting nicely waiting to be used and I just wasn't ready to use it. Now what I've started I'm sure I'll have fun with it (and I can't wait to use the bright floral again, I think it'd make a great handbag for spring or summer)!

The bright floral with the white background and the red/pink/orange fabrics are both from that pile, the white is a soft flannel from the girls' quilts and the green floral is a favorite of mine. I'm enjoying the way these fabrics work 09 042together ... so cheerful and full of character. I've noticed that all these pictures seem to be different colors ... not the camera this time but my editing ... I'd say the colors are closest to the image that also shows the orange backside.

This quilt is another crib or lap sized, about 42" by 42". It's a very simple quilt with fun stitching for the quilting ... yeah, I'm enjoying all the stitches on the sewing machine!

We've been having fun "window shopping" here. Maybe this one or this or this or even this or this, but I don't think Jason likes pink enough to consider this. Jason and I both love old houses. There really aren't many in our area, everything here was built since the late 60's and anything older is well out of our price range or are too small for us, but we dream and look and hope to buy an older home if we move out of this area.

09 040

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