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Finally! I made some time this evening and got a pile of backpacks listed in my shop.

I know I've mentioned these a few times before, a bit here, and here, and here ... apparently I'm very repetitive.

Just what makes these special? Well, to start with they are fully reversible. And the straps are very adjustable. And the fabrics are cool and fun. And the seams are double sewn for strength. And they look good on. And they're unique. And there are enough styles to choose from that each of your children can have one that's just "them". And they are wonderful holiday gifts for the kiddo who already has everything, and for the child who just wishes they had everything. And think conservation and maximum value ... not only is this backpack a gift, but it can also be used as a gift bag. And they are a perfect size for library books, a goldfish in a bag, a notebook and colored pencils, a coconut, or a change of clothes when going to Grandma's house . And they are bright and colorful, which won't hurt when keeping an eye on your child in a crowd.

The bottom line is that they're available in the shop and more images are available for your viewing pleasure here.

Special orders are welcome.

I will be listing handbags and a quilt in the next few days. Of course, for those who'd rather shop live and in person all Because I'm Me items are available at Ditto Kiddo.

Cripe, aren't I just a huge sales pitch today?

So quick change of subject then, are you watching Project Runway and what do you think? So far I'm rooting for Elisa ... I think she knows more about what she's doing than the rest of the competitor's are giving her credit for ... we'll see.

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