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10 010

I finished this quilt during the craft show last month and, in all the holiday flurry, forgot to post some pictures. So here ya go. The quilt measures about 42" by 42", and is crafted from 10 003alternating strips of green gingham, a blue leafy almost floral (I didn't realize it was floral at all until I thought of using it for the back ... so it's not noticeably floral ... but then my boys wear pink so it could be me), and blue-green fabric. The backing is solid blue. The binding is the blue leafy fabric. Great baby, toddler, or lap size.

These pictures don't do the quilt justice at all. It's very pretty, with topstitching of variegated blue, green, and teal thread.

10 005I've gotten a lot of comments lately that the quilts are a perfect size for car travel. Got me to wondering why I didn't make any for our Wisconsin trip .... they sure would have come in handy.

Most of my weekend was spent working on a Christmas project ... I'm dying to talk about it but the recipient reads my blog. Dang it! I have a feeling that on Christmas night I, and many other crafty bloggers, will be posting a plethora of gift-given goodness.

But my sad tale (not really though!) ... the Brother sewing machine kicked the bucket. I may be able to revive it, sometimes he works fine after a bit of rest, but I was ready to send him to the curb. Changed needles, cleaned ir, changed thread ... repeated all ... no luck. So today is sewing machine shopping day (surprise, Jason!). I have the current project and two others that must be finished by Christmas and I know my Pfaff, as tried and true as she is, won't do them all well.

I do have two questions if anyone knows ... I'm looking at a Pfaff and a Janome, but am leaning towards the Pfaff because I like the one I have so much. When I went to look at the Pfaff the gal told me about free classes to learn how to use it. That's when I went from "sold" to "no thanks". I'm not technically savvy ... I don't care to be ... I want simple, straightforward. So my question is, do I need to take a class to figure out a Pfaff? Could I open the box, read some directions, and get it to work? Second question, and I may be able to find an answer to this online, do the lines on the plate of the Pfaff correspond to metric measures or American ... the lines directly to the right of the presser foot? Much thanks.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

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5 Comment

  1. Beautiful quilt. I love the colors-just like the ocean. From the look of your picture, looks like you have some sunshine. Boy that would be nice. We have freezing rain.

    Happy holidays!


  2. Can't help with the sewing machine recommendations, but I can testify that the colors of your quilts are even better in person! :)

  3. Thank you Lisa. Yes, we've got sunshine ... and warmth. :)

  4. Thanks. I do love these colors ... can you tell, as I use them again?

  5. Good luck on the sewing machine shopping....sorry I don't know about either of those two so I can't help. I am loving the bags - too cute!