Happy Happy Christmas!

So did you get everything you asked for? Even more to the point, did you get a hippopotamus for Christmas?

dec25 023Our Christmas was wonderful, as always. The kids got more than they needed, but all good stuff.

Oldest daughter, C., got a phone. According to her she's the only kid in school who didn't have one (that argument ALWAYS works with us :P ) and, after years of asking, she finally got a cell phone. Only it doesn't work. Does that stink or what??? I'm sure it's an easy fix ... but what a bummer to finally get the thing and then have it do nothing at all.

dec25 046The gift I was most excited about were these ornaments from Apple and Eve. I fell in love with her embroidered birds and animals some time ago but didn't have a baby so I wasn't sure what I could possibly do with one of them, until I thought dec25 045of what wonderful ornaments they'd make. And they are. They truly are. Each is unique and perfect for the recipient. At dinner today we had to pass each of them around for everyone to see and "ooh and ahh" over. There are more images of the ornaments here and here.

dec25 040Another favorite was this ipod cover for C. from isew.biz. C.'s ipod is hot pink and needed a cover. Is this not perfect for a teenager? Even has his tongue sticking out. Ginny offers about a million different color options in her etsy shop. My phone fit perfectly in the monkey ... so I'll be ordering one of my own this week!

K. got a ride-on Jeep to match one we already have. Now they can race. Yeah, that's safe.

I. received The Dangerous Book for Boys from Santa and is hard at work coming up with a plan to make a battery. I think that book is going to be well used and well loved by the boys in our household.

M.'s favorite gift is the new quilt I made for her. More on that later ... after I take some pictures. The kids use my camera all the time so I was afraid to take any pictures while making the quilts (C. got one too) so I'll take and post some this week.

I think A.'s favorite gift is either the slippers or the mittens that Santa brought him ... probably the mittens. Yes, we do live in South Florida and it's in the 80's, but why should that stop a guy from wearing mittens (at least for a minute, after which his hands are sweating like mad)?

I hope your day was calm and peaceful, filled with love and warmth.

dec25 034

Edited to add: Ok, I'm an oaf, all I talked about is the stuff the kids got... which really wasn't the focus of the day for us (just the focus for the moment ... one of the quirks to blogging!). Our Christmas day was filled with much much more ... lots of laughter, chatter, hugs, good company and good food. We had family join us for a relaxing, filling dinner. The kids enjoyed a peaceful afternoon playing with friends and family, while the grown-ups enjoyed pleasant conversation sprinkled with telephone calls from distant family. Quite decadent.

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  1. Thank You for sharing! I`m glad you managed to hide these little birds until the right moment!
    All the very best!