Embroidery for Baby

190012Bodysuits/Onesies to the shop today.

These pictures were all taken by I. this morning.

The green fabric came with the green leaves and stems and the larger pink flowers already on it. I added the pink french knots in various places. By the time I was finished with the 19001four onesies I was in love with the french knot. I've been doing them for ages, but never really "got" them until now. Now I do ... and I love them. I think I"ll be putting a dozen or so french knots on everything I embroider ... well, maybe not that many but a few, perhaps. 19005

Birds ... dang, I like birds! And I am still working with the batiks and faux-batiks. As I mentioned before, there's never a bad cut of fabric with these.
The birds are simple, playful. They have button eyes and use very simple stitching, so as not to detract from the beauty of the fabric.

Each one is unique.

19002 More sailboats! I suppose I'll never get enough of sailboats.

K. wore almost exclusively clothes with boats on them ... anything do with sailing, boat racing, yachting, etc. ... of course, that was just to show support for his older siblings, couldn't have been that I really just adore the imagery that 19004accompanies a sailboat.

The sails are cut from a red/blue batik with an underlying star pattern. The hulls (oh yeah, I know the lingo ... just don't ask me the names of the different sails, the lines, or really anything else) are a super soft brown flannel.

Like I said, all are available in the shop. There's are a variety of sizes of each, and each is $6.00 plus $2.00 shipping.

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