A big Christmas tree joy



We may need a bigger tree, or two trees, next year. Five kids can add a lot of ornaments each year!

decorated by Jason, K., I., M., A., and K.


A few years ago I bought boxes of disco mirror balls for Ditto Kiddo. They were for a New Year's window. I couldn't afford a big disco ball so I bought a bunch of little ones, figuring with the Christmas icicle lights still up and some spotlights strategically placed they'd be great for a "ringing in the new year in fancy clothes" front window, complete with bouncing bits of light from the balls. The background was alternating silver and black metallic starry fabric. It sounds gaudy, and if you looked too long it was, but it was great for the little suits and party dresses. And the outfits sold like hotcakes.

We have about two dozen of these mirror balls. A dozen or so are still at the store, they make great "bubbles" of water when we do a beach/swimsuit window, work well for Valentine's Day, Halloween, and even the Fourth of July (fireworks, anyone?). The rest came home to enhance our tree.

They're still gaudy tacky, but now they're family. Jason is in charge of tree decorating ... he unwraps the ornaments and gives them to the kids to hang up. One year he decided that when you hang a disco ball you must sing and dance .... sing "ooh ooh ooh ooh, staying alive, staying alive" and disco dance as you make your way to the tree. And it stuck. And the kids love it. And you know that happy goofy disco memory is going to stick with them forever. And the mirror balls are so special now.

M.: I'm going to sing a Christmas song. Does anyone have any requests?
A.: Yeah, "Ho, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle of Rum".

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4 Comment

  1. Very fun story:)

    Great memories:)
    By the way I am now store-less!

  2. Isn't it funny that those ugly little balls will be the thing we remember in twenty years?

  3. Oh your house looks so festive! It's getting me into the spirit!

  4. Oh that tree looks like LOTS of fun!!!!!