nov21 041

This is what I did at the craft show last weekend. I'd already done the ironing on of the circles, so I just spent the afternoon handstitching the caterpillars (I think they're caterpillars ... I didn't feel like putting their feet on so maybe they are worms? No, I think they are caterpillars.).

nov21 042

The batiks are from a quilt I'm hoping to make soon for a special family member (not immediate family ... sorry girls!). The boyish blues and tans are mostly leftovers from this quilt, and the girly oranges and pinks are Heather Bailey Freshcut with a few other favorites thrown in.

They are all 6-12 months, some are long sleeved and some are short, there are about three of each fabric/color selection. The onesies are currently available at Ditto Kiddo, and will eventually be made available online too.

nov21 044

The peas in a pod are a special order. I'm not sure how I feel about this one yet. I like it, but it's not quite what I was hoping it'd be. I'm making a few more of these for the store, again they are 6-12 months, and will be in stock on Friday at Ditto Kiddo.

nov21 045 nov21 046

When I started on these I was not a fan of hand sewing or hand embroidering. It's growing on me, slowly perhaps, but growing.

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5 Comment

  1. Oh, I love the peas! They are so cute. The caterpillars are definitely caterpillars too. For anyone who has ever read a little Eric Carle they will know exactly what those are!

  2. Adoring that pink caterpiller, she looks so happy.

  3. They are gorgeous! (and it never would have even occured to me to put legs on the caterpillar!)


  4. Okay, you realize now you are forcing me to have another baby...just so they can wear these. Oh boi.

  5. Love the catepillars. I didn't even notice there were no legs until you mentioned it.

    (I followed a link from the Fresh Cut group on Flickr.)

    You are so talented! and BUSY!