On the Road

The children and I are leaving in the morning for an unexpected trip to Wisconsin. Yeah, 22 hours of driving time. We haven't used our car DVD player in over 2 years but you can be darn sure it's coming with us tomorrow!

Today it was about 83' out ... nice and cool in the morning and low 80's the rest of the day. I wore capri's and a sweater ... yes, I was perfectly happy in a sweater. Wisconsin ought to be interesting. We've packed all our jeans and sweaters ... it's actually kind of exciting that we'll get a chance to wear them, down here I'll put sweaters on the kids in the morning and take them off by lunchtime, and that's on really cold days.

We are expecting to be home in a week. The craft show I'm doing is next Thursday so if we get home Tuesday I still have a few evenings to get ready ... 'cause I'm not, not even close.

nov3 060

I think we'll still be able to see fall leaves? I hope so ... only C. has ever seen anything like that. If time permits we'll visit the Illinois grandparents and some cousins in Atlanta.

nov3 061

I've decided to postpone listing backpacks, etc. on Etsy until next week, but here's a little foreshadowing (we just saw Cast Away, I'm all about foreshadowing today).

nov3 016

nov3 027

nov3 020

nov3 023

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5 Comment

  1. I hope so! I'd like to take the kids to the cottage so they can see how different the scenery is this time of year. If we do I'll definitely give you a call. It just depends on how hectic our schedule is, and if I really survive the long drive.

  2. Adorable Backpacks!

  3. Love the one on the bottom with the chickens on it!!