More Haircuts

While driving to the hotel in Wisconsin I asked if anyone wanted a haircut ... kind of out of the blue, but I. got a great haircut up there once and I thought maybe the little boys would be up for it, since they can't see anything with all the hair in their eyes ... English sheepdogs, my father would say. But those two boys didn't say a word ... instead it was the two girls who wanted haircuts ... and not just a trim for either of them, they followed in I.'s footsteps and went all out.

M. went from:

oct16 034


nov13 127

After her initial haircut she looked at it and said it wasn't what she'd expected, wasn't like the picture she'd chosen. The gal asked her what was wrong and she said she wanted it shorter, so she got another few inches cut off. She loves it, absolutely loves it. I do too, it's just about perfect for her.

C. had beautiful long hair:

oct16 036

and cut enough to donate it to Locks of Love:

nov13 131

Nice blurry picture, huh? It's the only one I've taken of her since she got it cut. It's a very pretty cut, and exactly what she was looking for. It's still long enough for a ponytail, which is how she usually wears it at school, but so cute, light, and easy. She has said she'll get it even shorter next time.

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  1. So now do we have to drive up to Sheboygan for haircuts every nine months or so???