Just suppose ...

Just suppose that you're driving through Kentucky and you need to get your youngest son a winter jacket and you see a WalMart at the next exit. You pull off the exit and get ready to head left to WalMart, but of course you first look to the right to make sure there are no oncoming cars and you see ...

nov13 028

Well, of course, you must take a look. Hancock's of Paducah is a huge quilting and home dec. store, not affiliated with the Hancock's chain (here's the story), and really, how often do you stop in Paducah? You enter, and see this:

nov13 035

$4.98 a yard for anything, everything on this table. And on this table are fabrics like this:

14 014

and this:

14 013

and this:

14 011

And you know you've hit the quilting fabric jackpot. So you do a little shopping at that table ... and a little too much ... you never even look at the bolts and bolts of fabric filling the giant warehouse of a store like this:

nov13 034 nov13 030

No, no time for all those bolts. Instead you take your two shopping carts full of fabric and leave your girls at the cutting counter while you play games with your boys ... asking them to find all sorts of odd things in fabric (and they found them all, they had the entire store memorized in no time ... even where turkey and mouse fabrics are). And you wonder how it could be taking so long to just measure the fabric.

nov13 038

And then you get your carts to the register, along with all your handwritten tickets (no computers in the store, all done the old-fashioned way), and you almost faint when you hear the total because you now own this, which somehow ended up being a lot of pieces of fabric (and now you know why it took so long to measure):

14 009

Would that be so wrong?

Sigh ... the two girls and I were all shopping at the same time and trying to hurry to get back on the road. In my hurry I wasn't paying enough attention to what we'd selected. All the fabric is awesome, but there's way too much, and I even ended up with a few duplicates. I will definately need to sell off some of it, and I'll let you know when I post it either on eBay or etsy. I'm feeling pretty ill about the whole thing ... but do love the fabric.

Oh, Superhusband said I had to post about this experience or he would.

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8 Comment

  1. Jody. Jody. Jody.
    You did NOT get all that fabric! ;)

    I would feel ill as well.

    Partly because you can't make all the wonderful things you want to make before your craft show! :)

    Oh! I got a compliment on the pleated pockets on the front of my bag from an accomplished sewer. :)

  2. I would love to visit that store...with big blinders on my head!

    Think of it as those piles of fabric chose YOU! They needed YOU! YOU did them a favor!! :)

  3. So true Nikol. I don't know where to start with it! And with the craft show this weekend I can't do anything with it right now except admire it.

  4. Thank you Cheryl! I like your point of view. :)

  5. So? Did you get the coat at Wal-Mart?!!?

    Just kidding!

    I'm surprised you didn't pass out when you saw all that fabric! And yes, it needed you.

  6. You'll use it, you need it, it needs you, all is well.

  7. oh. my. goodness. that's what i would have done, except i would have ditched 3/4 of it at the cutting table. i tend to do that - pick up EVERYTHING i like and then totally chicken out at the end. which is a good thing, i've decided.

    most of the time.

    good stuff, though - i'm so jealous you got to GO there!

  8. We have very similar blog titles, you and me! I enjoyed reading your fabric story. Very funny.