Here's the table set up for the craft show. The photos are bad, I'm not sure what setting the camera was on and I was in a hurry so I didn't catch it in time ... but here are a few photos anyway.

nov15 003

I'm not pleased with the quilts, they are just piled on one end of the table. I don't have a quilt rack and I can't think of what else would work better to display them. Any ideas?

nov15 004

Thanks a million to Nikol for telling me my banner didn't have to have triangles. LOL I worked for a very, very long time trying to figure out what size to make the letters to get them just right on triangles ... and finally demanded that Nikol get down to Florida to help me, because she's a paper-crafter and I'm NOT. Her response: "well, do a different shape then.". Oh. Yeah. That made sense ... and within minutes I was on the path to a successful banner.

nov15 001

I didn't finish all the handbags I wanted to, have two quilts unfinished, and have a pile of half-complete onesies. That's life ... there's always next time.

The kids did most of the work setting up the table. I got some skeptical looks when I strolled in with four kids but the children were very good and worked hard, and for the most part stayed right by the table. It took less than an hour to unload the car, change a bunch of price tags, put together the banner, and set up the table ... it'd have taken a lot longer without my helpers!

More to come!

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5 Comment

    Looks great ;)
    I'm so sad that I'm not there. (sigh...)
    I have no ideas for the quilts. Sorry. Ok- I have ideas, just non that I could justify in a small space. ;)

  2. I can't wait until the craft show! Very exciting, and everything looks great.

  3. What if you hung your quilts on an old fashioned drying rack, you know the kind that is made of dowels and folds up.

  4. "anonymous" ... great idea. I'll look into that. Thanks Nikol and Cassidy.

  5. So?!
    How did it go?