Sibling Gifts

It seems to be the time of year to start thinking about holiday gifts (already?). While I don't know, or won't say, what gifts will be exchanged at my house this year I thought I'd share one of our simple ideas.

Each year, right around Thanksgiving, the kids draw the name of one of their siblings out of a hat. That's the only other child in the house they are responsible for giving a gift to.

Traditionally, some time before Christmas Mom or Dad will take each child out shopping to pick out their gift. This year, though, we've changed the rules a bit and are only allowing the kids to give each other handcrafted gifts. This decision arose from the realization that some of them have more money to spend than others, and that even those that have money need to be saving it. So this year, with the new rule change, each child will have time alone with Mom or Dad to prepare their gift.

The kids look forward to this every year and have already been asking when they can draw their names and start thinking about the gift they'll give. Over the years they've made some great thoughtful and heartfelt choices. Their gifts are always cherished by the recipient, and Jason and I cherish the time alone we get to spend with each child while they do their shopping, or this year while they create their gift.

Speaking of gifts ... Meg is the winner of the flamingo purse! Thank you all for your wonderful comments and your continued support.

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