Oohs and Aahs

Some of my favorite flickr groups ...

Quilts and Quilting - some days I only have time to look at photos from one group. On those days this is the group I'll choose to look at. Every day I find something new, wonderful, beautiful, and inspiring. Oooh ...

Rural Decay - this group gets a lot of images in a day. I find that looking at it as a slideshow is the way to go for me. The kids and I can sit for quite a while enjoying the images, dreaming of the families who lived in the decaying homes, wondering who ran the now defunct ivy covered gas station from days gone by, pretending that we are inside the ruins of castles, bridges, inns, barns, and schools. Sometimes we ponder the possibility of owning old farmsteads or factories ... would they be large enough for our family ... could they (will they?) ever be restored? Aaah ...

Handmade Crafts for Boys - cool stuff for boys can be hard to find! This group is packed with talented artisans who get what a boy wants and needs. Full of inspiration.

Studebaker and Packard - my Dad is a Studebaker fanatic. Not sure what a Studebaker is? Check out the group. LOL

Baby Accessories - another great source of inspiration. Beware ... baby envy can develop after prolonged exposure to these images.

Crafting for Kids - cool clothes for kids, but also great craft ideas (think upcoming holidays).

There are more, of course, but these float my boat these days.

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