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Burp pads ... embellished cloth diapers ... burp cloths ... whatever you call them ... these are way too much fun to make. Way too much fun ... and so hard to know when to say when.

But what's not to love? They fold up and stack so nicely, this perfect pile of white and color ... so satisfying to my need for organization. And they use just the right size fabric scrap. And they're fun to embellish ... and with such a small area it takes no time at all to to do! And the white cloth diaper is so WHITE ... what wouldn't look great attached to it? And they feel good ... the diaper is so soft.

I'm so in love with these.

I meant to make 12, just to see how it went. I think I'm at 34 now ... but they are so cute and fun! The diapers come in a package of 12, so I've left the last few of my last package to match with blankets I'm making (more on that later).

A little walk down memory lane ... when I was a small child I sucked my thumb. My security object was ... a cloth diaper - no particular one, just any we had in the house. Back then the Curity diapers had edges that were a tighter weave than the rest of the diaper and I'd suck my thumb running my fingers against that age, unwrinkling it as I went. Even now I can conjure up the feeling of the thumb sucking and diaper rubbing (probably easier to remember since I sucked my thumb for a long time). But that has nothing to do with new cloth diaper fascination, nothing, I'm sure.

I've decided to start selling the things I've been making for the upcoming craft show. I'm working at a pace where I believe I'll have plenty to fill a table and with the holidays coming I'd like these things to be available now. So, look for them at Ditto Kiddo and soon at my online shop.

I'd be happy to post a tutorial for this if anyone would like it. I don't know if I did mine the way others do ... I really do stink at following directions, so I'd be happy to pass along what I did.

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3 Comment

  1. So cute! I can see why they're fun to make...

  2. Oh, I would love a tutorial on how to make these? Also where did you buy the plain cloths?

  3. I would love to see a tutorial on this. I have been sewing for a short time and have tried to make these so many different ways and I am never happy with the turnout. Yours look so clean and polished. Please pass along your advice. I have lots of GOOD cute fabric just waiting to be used properly!! Also, what brand and type are your cloths?