Baby Blankets

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Baby blankets ... these fold as nicely as the burp cloths ... they look so polished all folded and ready to go.

Notice that there are only two here ... I made two of each fabric, so four total ... compared to 32 or so burp pads ... why? Because that white backing fabric - soft, delicious, pretty, snuggle-able - is evil. I measured, I cut, I put the two front and back together and they didn't line up. Remeasured, recut, put the front and back together again and they didn't line up. It ended up looking fine in the end, but what a pain in the neck.

I did have frontier cowboy and indian fabric set out to make a few more boyish blankets but while I was getting ready to cut it I took a good look at it and saw guns and arrows ready to be shot ... and it just didn't feel right for a baby blanket.

I will make a few more of these, they look nice and feel great, but I'll never love them like I love the diapers ... oh, but I did happen to notice that I don't have any diapers that match the blue blanket ... off to go take care of that.

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