Superdad and the Cutting Girls

Yesterday I begged Jason to accompany me to the fabric store (all clearance fabric at JoAnn's 1/2 price). I felt really bad for him, being stuck in there while I did my thing, so I sent him to the cutting counter with the beginnings of my pile, figuring it would give him something to do and get us out of there a little faster.

I checked in with him a bit later and he was having the time of his life! The girls behind the cutting counter adored him, and he was eating up every moment of it! I was cracking up listening to him talk about raising five kids and the trouble they can get into ... and especially cracking up as the women just doted on his every word. How challenging I. was as a toddler (have I told the story of him eating screws (yes, more than 1 ... more than 2 even) and climbing out his bedroom window at the age of 2?), how interesting it'll be to teach them all how to drive, and so on. Most of the gals had grown children so could really sympathize with Superdad, sighing empathetically.

And then, as the pièce de résistance, he points out some more fabric for me to look at, how he liked a certain one and how another was just my style. I could see the gleam in his eyes as the adoration continued. Now he's Superhusband AND Superdad.

So there you go, the next time your husband, or really any guy friend, needs an ego boost take them to the fabric store and feed him to the gals at the cutting counter!

The fabric ... I think I got 22 yards of fabric for $35. Not bad. A few prints that will be appropriate for boy projects, some bright funky colorful florals, a silk for $2.50 a yard, and a few misc. fabrics that will fill in needed colors and styles. And then I bought a few spools of thread, which cost more than all the fabric combined ... I hate when that happens!

The photos are completely irrelevent, just cute. They were taken at a new outdoor shopping mall close to our house. The ground is squishy so the kids can climb and jump on the sea creatures. And the manatee is the perfect size for Superdad.

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5 Comment

  1. This cracked me up! Ah. Our wonderful husbands... :)

  2. love this post - WHAT a GUY! :)

    also, holy cow - that's a LOT of fabric!

  3. Love that manatee! It's better than a La-Z-Boy!

  4. Thanks. It is a lot of fabric, but I'm getting ready to make some twin sized quilts, which may use quite a bit of it. Plus, if I like a fabric I know I'll use it for more than one thing so I might as well get it while the price is right.

    Oh, last night Jason is *still* talking about the fabric store, but now about how nicely SOME of the fabric was folded ... yes, the fabric HE folded, of course. Sigh.

  5. that is a great amount of fabric for the price! your husband sounds like quite a guy.

    about that thread...I buy almost all of my thread on line at with adding the shipping costs, I can get a spool of thread for $1. less than I can get at Joann's while using a coupon. I have been using their thread for over a year now, it's 100% cotton, and I highly highly recommend it! I started by ordering the neutrals set.

    your purses are beautiful!