Sailing ... Again!

This Olympic hopeful , Paige Railey, started out as an opti sailor in Clearwater, Florida, which is one of the venues our kids sail at .... look at her now. She was recently written up in Cosmo Girl magazine ... such a cool inspiration for other young girls! It's amazing to think of what could be out there for any of these young sailors, and it's especially neat when it happens so close to home.

june14 021

Could M. be the next great Olympic laser sailor? Who knows ... that certainly isn't our goal, but it's fun to dream of seeing her sail all over the world. We do know other kids who have had the opportunity to sail worldwide ... so amazing to think of the experience these kids, some as young as 7 or 8, are getting. But even without sailing in the Olympics, or going to South America or Europe to sail in World Championships, sailing is just such a wonderful skill to develop.

C Launching - Schools Out Regatta

C. has moved out of the opti. She spent the last evening of summer heating and peeling the pretty flowers off her boat, the end to her 4 year run in an opti. She has moved up to a laser, which really is a different experience, the boat is bigger, faster, and heavier. C. has discovered that she enjoys coaching more than sailing right now so is helping the youngest and newest sailors learn the ropes. I'm not sure what her sailing future holds but I do know that sailing is in her blood, and is a sport she truly loves.

I Launching - Schools Out Regatta

I. is the casual sailor. He's the kid off in left field somewhere watching the fish dance. He loves to sail but hates to race. We're working to change that somewhat ... to create a love for sailing and a love for improving his skills. His goal in life is to live in a boat, have a wife and one child, and be a scientist (one child because more than that wouldn't work on a boat with all the scientific stuff). I can see him taking off on his own boat to sail the oceans blue, with no set plan to guide him, but in hopes of making huge discoveries along the way.

We've been following this couple on their journey to sail continuously for 1000 days. Very cool to imagine doing what they're doing! Reid and Soanya have our best wishes for continued success.

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  1. Sometimes, someone finds they love a sport but not a part of it... same with my son who is in his mid-twenties. He was going to play pro basketball, now he teaches little kids how to play at elementary schools for pretty uch no pay. Best of luck to your little Olympic sailors, and I love the pics. XOXO!

  2. Thanks. Yes... I think their sailing careers may not be in sailing professionally, but I'm sure they'll stay involved in the sport.

    Her boat was one of the only ones with graphics, and definately the only one with bright pink hybiscus flowers. I was very pleased with the way they turned out - we bought them on eBay and put them on ourselves.