Finally! Whew, I love making quilts but they sure can take their sweet time! I have more photos of each of these on Flickr and all are available in my shop.

sept13 011
I did a quilt similar to this over the summer, and have a few more coming up. This time around I let my daughters do the layouts and they did a great job ... except that they have expensive taste and didn't want to use anything that didn't come from a quilting fabric shop.

sept13 008
Yup, done this one before too! But I love it and have had quite a bit of interest in it, so here it is again. The only difference is the fabric on the back of this one is cream, while the first time around it was blue.

sept13 005
Something a little different ... simple and fun.

May I complain a moment? I've mentioned this to a few people but it keeps driving me crazy ... it's hard to find fabric to make things for boys. No, not impossible but most quilting fabrics are floral, even in blues and browns the prints are floral. I love a good flower, but not for a boy. So that's that ... I feel much better now.

I have an opportunity to participate in a craft show in a month or so. It's a two day event and the cost is very reasonable. However, I know nothing about this area. Anyone have any experience with craft shows that could give me a few tips, like how much stock to bring with me, what else to bring, setting up a table/booth, etc? Thanks!

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  1. I don't know too much about the craft shows around here either, but you definitely have the style of the area dead on. You will sell so much!! All those Grandmas down here will have to buy something tropical for their grandkids up north.