These are the fabrics and some of the trims I'm planning to use for the next set of handbags.

The last five fabrics on the right are the ones I bought with Superdad at the JoAnn's 1/2 price clearance fabric sale. They were added to this mix as an afterthought and may or may not actually be used (the bright blue and bright orange are pretty iffy but may end up being used as trim).

The fun buttons are from Walmart.

I see these bags having more applique - birds, I'm sure - and being more "playful" than the last group.

I just realized these fabrics together are similar in color to the new paint job at Ditto Kiddo. That's kind of scary.

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2 Comment

  1. I love those buttons...who would have thought WALMART!!

  2. I love the buttons as well. I'll have to wait for the new wm to open in my area.