I won!

sept07 002

I won all the awesome stuff above from Amber at One Shabby Chick. Like I told her, this is my first Amy Butler pattern. I'm not too big on patterns (translation: too lazy) but I've looked at the Amy Butler ones and wondered if I should, and I love the things I've seen made from them ... and then haven't because of the price. So now I feel like someone who can really sew, just 'cause I have a real, fantastic pattern. The Vintage Fabric Style book is just dreamy ... so much I want to do now, like use a quilt for a tablecloth ... or make curtains from a patched quilt top. Ahh. The red fabic at the bottom right I love, and the little Christmas charm squares will be put to good use! I *thought* I had just won the Vintage Fabric Style book, and that was wonderful as it was, all the other stuff is just icing on the cake!

Do check out Amber's blog. I'd point out a few posts that I loved, like the one about how she met her husband, or her great crafts, like appliqued flowers, but I'd be going on forever. She's very talented, has 4 kids, lives in HAWAII, home schools, had a Brother sewing machine that was worse than mine (mine has frustrated me for 6 months, hers lasted barely one) ... what's not to like?

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  1. Well, look at that...seems as if your luck has made a turn for the better. And bloggy luck is so wonderful isn't it!

  2. Hi Jody, I'm a sewing grandma and just happened to find your blog. Best wishes with your beautiful family and your sewing projects. Will add you to my favorites and keep reading!