We are just SO famous, and I got a haircut

Our second brush with fame is a week ... yesterday I was interviewed leaving the post office about new MPG ratings to be placed on new cars for sale in 2008. My response was basically "uuuhhhhhhhh", I'd never heard of this and had no ready opinion.

Had they asked about 6 year old boys who repeatedly ask "why?" when they're told to stand next to Mommy at the post office, instead of obeying the way they're supposed to, and how frustrated that can make a Mommy I'd have had a response for them right then and there.

Or if they'd wanted my opinion about public high schools, specifically the fact that my daughter is currently in a remedial reading class for kids who've failed the FCAT, which she never actually took, and that she has no honors classes at all, I'd have had a good one. I'd have been happy to tell them all about going to the school that morning, for the second time, and waiting an hour, with four other kids, to see a counselor who finally relayed the message that he was too busy to see parents that day and that I could e-mail him and he'd try to set up an appointment ... shoot, if they'd brought the camera they could have filmed the smoke and steam coming from my ears. I might have mentioned that I understand how crazy busy the school is and that I get that they may not get to C.'s schedule immediately but that I'd like someone to tell me if her schedule will be changed to what we want at some point in the very near future, and if there's any information we need to provide to make that happen, and that I'd like to get this information before I send in her home school termination, 'cause she may end up back home soon.

But they didn't ask me about what was actually on my mind, so my answer was a brilliant "uuuhhhhhh". I did manage to come up with something but it didn't sound the least bit wise. I was hoping they just wouldn't put me on the segment, there have to be people who can come up with more intelligent answers on the spot. Of course, on the drive home I came up with the answer I should have given ... about how perhaps seeing those numbers on paper will light a fire under someone to work harder on alternative fuels and alternative transportation ideas, and how those numbers might make us sit up and realize more what's going on with our environment and how we're ruining our resources, maybe if enough people saw how bad the numbers really are a difference might begin, but that really it won't change car buying decisions too much because the change will be across the board ... except that I'll be interested to see how hybrids do in the numbers ... will they stay about the same or drop a lot too.

Anyway, here's the link to the segment. The video is on the right. I haven't heard it because I have no sound on my computer so I have no idea what brilliance I spewed. We aren't on it until about 1:24 into it, so feel free to skip to there (we did).

Here's the thing ... see me on the segment and you can see my new haircut (it was long for the interview last week). I got 9" cut off and got the coloring done right, correcting the mistake I made in July of doing it myself which left me with yellow hair. And now I don't have to try to take a picture of myself to show the haircut! I love the cut, can't get over how short and light it is. Jason likes it, C. and M. want theirs cut too, which means I. would have the longest hair in the house.

Reaction from M. to haircut: "Oh Mommy, I like your hair ....

so much better ...


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