Nothing crafty today ... maybe this evening, I've got a grand plan for a tote bag and two quilts to work on, but am just enjoying a bit of laziness right now.

We got this train table at Ditto Kiddo and this one. For some reason they came with three broken pieces, two of which actually make noise and light up when batteries were put in (they're in pretty bad shape, them working was a bit of a shock!). We gave the three broken things to the kids and they've been going nuts with their trains the last few days.

Here are the new stations/tunnels:
aug 03 007 aug 03 013

And here is what the boys bedroom looks like today:

aug 03 011 aug 03 004
aug 03 003 aug 03 001

We actually do have a train table. I can't recall the last time they used it to build a train. It's nowhere near big enough! It's great for other things though, like storage and building with blocks.

aug 03 005

Isn't this blue thing lovely? This is K's "blue blanket". It used to look like, well, a blue blanket. It really did ... kind of a sweet soft waffle weave. As soon as he became attached to it I tried to find another one (he'd gotten it from Ditto Kiddo, so it was already used and not being manufactured for Target anymore) but had no luck at all. Over the years we've vacuumed most of it up. Now it's a bunch of strings tied into knots so it doesn't fall apart completely. Given a choice, he'd carry this with him everywhere. It's his lovey ... but it's more of a gray blob and doesn't always smell good (thank goodness, he's washable in a net bag).

K talks to Blue Blanket and has a voice that Blue Blanket uses to talk back. Blue Blanket has also been known to run away ... yes, he does it all by himself without any help from K (and definately without K just leaving him somewhere and forgetting where).

When K is holding Blue Blanket he also sucks his thumb. He's 4 and not interested in stopping, especially when Blue Blanket is around. To help discourage him Blue Blanket is only allowed in his room (he escapes a lot but gets sent back). Blue Blanket never travels with us either for two reasons - we'd hate to lose him and without him K doesn't suck his thumb at bedtime.

Jason and I are fairly certain that one day soon Blue Blanket will just disintegrate.

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  1. oh I love lovey mom still has my 'banky'. Dex doesn't have one yet, but I'm sure something will attach soon!