Sailing, Sailing ...

aug 10 024

This was my fortune today. Yes, I need to recharge ... I'm exhausted ... but I think it should have been C's.

aug 10 031

This is where she'll be sleeping for the next week or so.

aug 10 032

She and a group of kids and coaches are off on an awesome adventure before school starts.

aug 10 041

I'm envious. I'd love to go with them ... leave all my worries behind and sail around for a week. I wishes he was going too, he's kind of dropped sailing as a sport, which we accept but would like to change, so I didn't pass up the opportunity to encourage him to get more involved in the sailing center again so he can do stuff like this.

This is actually the first year C has been able to go on a trip like this, they usually go while we're in Wisconsin.

C had to earn the money to go. The day I found out about the trip I'd hired a friend's daughter to help at the shop a bit so she could earn money to have her hair done. My friend and I agreed that our kids expect to get too much for nothing ... with that fresh in my mind there was no way C was just going to get the money. So she worked at Ditto Kiddo, and worked hard, in between sailing. I'm very proud of her and I'm really glad for the decision to have her work (plus, the store was really busy and her help was a huge huge huge blessing).

aug 10 033

The boat is pretty big. To me it looks like they've crammed a lot of junk into it, which would drive me nuts, but C says it's actually very clean and organized. Having seen the sailing center, I have to think she's right ... at least by their standards!

aug 10 028

That's M's fortune ... um, she's 8. She got a kick out of it and said it made no sense whatsoever.

I think mine should have said "don't try to sew tonight ... too much cold medicine is not good for the creative mind" because I spent about 3 hours cutting, doing some preliminary stitching, and laying out a quilt and it's so not right. I mean, it's really wrong. Fixable, I think, but disappointing ... better to realize it now though, rather than after sewing the whole thing. We found this fabric today and I love it ... and would rather make a great quilt with it than a mediocre one, so the project is on hold until another day.

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