In the Mail

I love getting the mail when there's a package in it! This beautiful fabric arrived today from Sew, Mama, Sew. As always, I think it was shipped before I hit the "send"button, it arrived so quickly.

It looks so pretty all wrapped up and tied in a bow. It took my breath away when I opened the package. Does that happen to anyone else? Now I can't take the bow off ... it's all too perfect just like this.

Some of the fabric (less than half ... but that's still SOME) is for a couple of special order quilts that will be similar to this one. The rest is just to play with.

In other news, it's C.'s birthday today. 14 years old. And she's just as wonderful as the day she was born. Happy Birthday, dear daughter of mine!

I've been working on the Because I'm Me webpage, and getting frustrated. The goal is to create a page that's independant of Ditto Kiddo, that stands on it's own (even though the address is still an extension of Ditto Kiddo). It's getting there, but slow going for a not-computer-savvy person like me. I wanted a navigation bar with external links, but I couldn't find a way in Yahoo Sitebuilder to do that, which drove me nuts for a bit, but I found a compromise solution ... it doesn't look quite as nice but it works the same and it's pink, which has to count for something. I'm not sure what to do with the page to make it look classy but simple. Definately a work in progress. Any input would be appreciated.

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