Fruit Boats

On the way home from work yesterday K was carrying on about how we had to make fruit boats for dinner. In his library book, How to Be a Pirate in 7 Days or Less, is the recipe. In the book they're called Topsail Sandwiches, but fruit boats sounded pretty good to us.

Oh, and before I go further, A and K are pirates, especially A. He really BELIEVED he was a pirate. When he was two or so he discovered pirates and either Jason or I told him, in play, that he was a pirate. That's all it took. A has a really hard time with imagination (his "issues" are another post completely) so when he was told something he didn't understand that it might not be real ... to him it simply became true. Conversely, you couldn't call him a pet name or say he was being a "sweetie" or anything ... he'd get very indignant and say "I'm not a sweetie, I'm A." Anyway, until he was 4 or 5 he believed he was a pirate and Daddy was a pirate. No one else in the family, just the two of them. He does know now that he's not really a pirate, but he still loves everything pirate. Most of the things I've made A are piratey ... his tote bag, his quilt, even his apron. A shares a room with K, and has passed his love of pirates down to his brother so I now have two pirates. (Nikol, I need the name of that pirate book we were talking about for A ... I forgot it, thanks.)

And about library books ... the two boys go to the library weekly with Jason (and all the other kids, of course) and return their book from the previous week. These books are ALWAYS pirate books ... and then they check out the book the other one returned. So we almost always have the same library books in the house. The only time this changes is if they go to a different library and have to find new pirate books ... and then the whole thing starts over again.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program ... food. A made a salad for lunch yesterday and decided we needed to have his special salad for dinner tonight. So it was a feast of Fruit Boats and A's Special Salad (never to be confused with M's Famous Tomato Salad).

aug 06 002

Fruit Boats are a melon wedge with a skewered PB&J sandwich on top as a sail. Pretty cool.

aug 06 004

Special Salad has a very special, delicious ingredient ... mango. And an unexpected surprise ingredient ... blue cheese crumbles. Strangely, the two are wonderful together.

aug 06 001

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  1. you are such a good MOM, while I obsessively make purses, you make cool food for your kids! I think I may attempt that in my efforts to be more balanced in my life LOL. Thanks for your nice comment too, I appreciate it! Lisa.

  2. That is so cool:)

    PJ pretty much thinks he's a pirate too;) That and cowboys;)

  3. I love the fruit boats - way cute!

  4. (ha ha)
    Edward and the Pirates