"For Sale by Owner"

Just thought I'd throw this out there, on the off chance that someone either lives in South Florida or wants to move here and really wants to own their own business ...

I'm considering selling my store.

It's a wonderful store, it really is. It's my 6th child. We've been through conception, birth, sleep deprivation, the terrible two's, a few tantrums, but mostly a lot of love over 8 years.

The store carries children's new and resale (about 20% new). We don't do any consignment, so all inventory is owned by the store and would be turned over to the new owner. We have a good lease, with a good landlord, but the landlord would prefer to negotiate a new lease with the buyer. We've been in business 8 years and have a very loyal clientele, and also new customers coming in daily as a result of the huge increase in families in our area. We currently lease 1900 square feet.

The store itself is not the reason for this decision. I simply need to be home with the kids and give my hubby a bit of a break ... he takes care of them all day, doing home schooling and everything else, and then works all night. He's tired, I'm tired, it's time to look at making some changes.
This photo has nothing to do with selling the store, except that I found it on the computer when looking for photos of the store (there's plenty of those on the website) and thought it was cuter than store pictures. They did this cover quite a few years ago for a local parenting magazine.

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  1. OH MY! A huge piece of your life...is changing. I can totally understand but also know it just won't be the same if you're not there. Good Luck and we'll have to make sure we can get up there a bunch of times SOON.