We spent Friday evening and this afternoon visiting with the cousins. So much fun. The baby is adorable, the sweetest calmest guy you'll ever meet. My niece is smart as heck, cute as can be, and fit right in with my kids. It was nice seeing my brother and his wife, they left our area for good reasons and it has definately been a good move for them, but we miss them. It sounds like we'll see them for about 5 seconds tomorrow and then that's it for a while. I'm sure, though, that we'll be taking a trip up to visit them as soon as we can.

Before we went home we stopped at the beach and took a walk. The Naples beach is very different than the ones in Bonita Springs and Fort Myers, much steeper and not as many shells, at least that's how it was today. It was beautiful, but at 6:00 pm it was still 92' and we felt every bit of it.

The kids climbed a few trees. I isn't in the pictures because he had climbed too high! He's actually above the other three kids in the top picture.

Here are some mobiles we made last weekend. The weather has been either really hot and sunny or really hot and rainy so we've been trying to find busy indoor activites, and this was a great one. The mobile idea came from Wise Craft and was well worth it. The project took over an hour, each of the kids was able to participate, and they actually look cool. We didn't have any cool driftwood for the top so I cut up a Big Gulp cup and we used that (recycling!). The mobiles are made of beads and buttons, and were strung with whatever we could find ... a little fishing line, some kite string, and some stretch string of M's.

The photos are so crappy. I'm going to blame it on the camera.

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  1. wow, so glad to have found your blog...lots of inspiring images...just what i like to have...