High School

When we started home schooling we said that the kids would have the option of going to high school when the time came. When we said that C was only going into 2nd grade, so it really wasn't an issue, and didn't seem like it'd be one for a very very very long time. Time flies. C would be starting 9th grade this fall if she were in school and she wants to go.

After a whole lot of talking, stressing, researching, etc. it looks like she's going to school. She's thrilled, I'm terrified. The school is smaller than most in the area and is a public school, but run like a private school. It's new, just a few years old, and close to home. There are a few kids in the neighborhood that go there. The kids wear uniforms, which is a real plus to me. Her course schedule is mostly honors classes.

To me, it's not the ideal solution. I'd prefer to have her home through high school, or at least until she's old enough to take community college classes, but there are a number of logical reasons to send her, so I've accepted the idea on a trial basis.

In my perfect world I wouldn't have my store keeping me busy every day and would be able to stay home daily to teach her, and the other four kids. But I'm not home every day, and my store lease isn't up for over a year so it's highly unlikely that that situation will change. A has some learning issues that need to be addressed and that's going to be time consuming. Jason works nights and is exhausted during the day, he does what he can but a fair amount of the work ends up being done at the store or in the evenings ... which is fine, but limits the amount of one-on-one time we have with each kid. The last year or two C has been working very independently, which is great but it'd be greater to give her more guidance ... she studied the Odyssey this year and that really isn't an independent study book for a 13 year old.

My concerns ... selfishly - it screws up our vacations - we've always been able to go to amusement parks or wherever and do some traveling when school is in session and there are fewer crowds, now we won't. Also, I worry about her with peer pressure, drugs, sex, behavior problems, etc. She has a good solid foundation and is a great level-headed kid, but this will all be so new to her ... admittedly, she has been fairly sheltered and I'm ok with that but I feel like we're throwing her into the fire and that scares me. My biggest fear is that we'll lose her to the influences of other people and other things. I love her so much and have a great relationship with her, I don't want to lose her.

I absolutely don't buy the argument that she needs to be exposed to this stuff to live in the real world ... when she goes to college or lives in the real world she'll be at least 5 years older, 5 years more mature, and armed with 5 more years of making decisions and seeing how we make decisions. I don't buy the socialization issue either ... I had a handful of high school friends, most of my friends were from outside of school and C already has a wonderful core group of friends. Honestly, if it weren't for our time and schedule limitations I wouldn't be giving high school any thought ... she's be home.

Obviously, I'm not thrilled about this, but I'm trying to be openminded.

Sorry for such long rambling!

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  1. Just sending a ((hug))because I can understand how you feel and how hard that decision is for you.

  2. Here is a hug from me too! Our kids are schooled at home through 8th grade; then attend our local Catholic high school - it's been very positive and they've done very well.