A Quilt for K

K has very patiently watched me make A's and M's quilts, and knows I made quilts for C and I when they were little too. I hesitated with K's because I'd saved a lot of his baby clothes and wanted to put those into a quilt. But I couldn't do it ... there's no good reason for this, but I just couldn't cut up his baby clothes. Some of his stuff was passed from I to K and then to K, so it's got sentimental value ... but it's just clothes, so who knows what's wrong with me!

A few days ago K told me it was time for me to make his quilt. He'd been patient and he was right. I told him I'd make start it after he went to bed ... to told me I could sew it then, but that I'd also sew it when he was awake, and he put me on a very tight deadline. Who knew a 4 year old could be such a tough taskmaster?

june15n 001

I compromised on his clothes (not fabrics, but clothes ... just ask him). There are some of his clothes in the quilt, mostly duplicates that I have in other sizes (what is wrong with me? :) ), and then a bunch that were stained and couldn't be sold at Ditto Kiddo, but still belonged to at least one of the boys. Some of the fabrics are ones I've made K other things out of, or just clothes from the clearance rack at the shop that I liked. I'd intended to just do it as a scrappy strip quilt, like this one, but I'd have lost the appliques and pockets, so I alternated sewn square blocks and strip blocks. I had a really hard time mixing the knits and wovens, and working around the seams and curves of the clothes, so it's definately not a great quilt but still fun, and a good learning experience.

june15n 002 june15n 003

C suggested putting a pocket for blue blanket on the back. Blue blanket is K's lovey and there's really no blanket left ... it's just a sad bunch of knotted together strings, and since there's not much left to him he gets lost all the time ... C thought the pocket would be a great place to store him so he wouldn't get lost during the day when K didn't need him. K was more than happy to have the pockets on the front for blue blanket, and he'd probably have fit just fine, but I made him his own pocket on the back.

june15n 006 june15n 005

june15n 004 june15n 007

K is so happy to finally have a quilt of his own. He loves looking at the fabrics and seeing what's there, and asking what each different one is from. The quilt ended up being pretty big (a bit over 3' by 6'), enough that it'll be useful as he gets bigger.

The lighting wasn't good for these pictures, but they give an idea of the quilt, at least.

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  1. the quilt is lovely! so nice to be made out of old clothes!